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Brutal Whipping, Spanking, Corporal Punishment, Flogging, BDSM, and Suspension

Breaking Her Silence

There's a lot of BDSM videos out there that have some bitch screaming and yelling the entire time she's getting a brutal whipping - looks like we've found a chick that doesn't quite fit that mold. We try our best - you'd think ass whipping and pussy whipping would cause her to make a peep, but no. It just looks like we're going to have to use that bullwhip in more creative ways to get this bitch to break down! You can tell that the longer the session goes on for the more malleable she becomes - things really start heating up when her pale body turns bright red from the sting of the whip.

Punished the Way a Bound Angel Should Be

There's only so much you can do in rope suspension. This slut learned that the hard way. With rope tight around her body, she's held in place with only a little slack for movement. She can squirm all she wants but the corporal punishment isn't going to end on her terms! This kind of kinky BDSM torment isn't for everyone, but those that love a good caning or ass whipping are going to love it! You'll get to enjoy this brunette bitch suffer - although by the looks of that wet cunt, it appears as though she's a bit turned on by it all as well.

Spanking is the Only Form of Communication Needed

There's something about a little thing that's just needing to have some corporal punishment that you can't say 'no' to. This bitch was all smiles to begin with, thinking she could take any extreme punishments we could dish out. That look on her face quickly faded as she endured a long session of ass spanking. That butt got to feel all kinds of implements cracking against the skin. It's always a treat to take slaves like her and show them their place. She didn't leave here smiling, but she did leave with red welts and a better understanding of where she stands in the BDSM world.

The Bedroom Games Are Over

Not all hogs fight when brought to the slaughter - it's the same with the slut here once she's tied up. She realizes there's no sense in a struggle with she just needs to shut up and take what's coming to her. With rope tied tightly around those chubby limbs of her's, she's made to endure through endless amounts of tit whipping. The tears run down her face but she sure keeps silent. She won't know what pain is until she has a cat of nine tails slapping that bare cunt of her's. She gets a big wake up call, finding out that spanking in BDSM is far from the light taps on the ass she ever received in the bedroom.

Double the Pleasure, Double the Pain

It's fun when you've get to dish out a good spanking to a naughty girl, but when you get the chance to give two sluts some extreme punishments - you better take it! When these two came in it was obvious that they needed a firm hand to put them back in line. Their attitudes were nothing that a bit of ass whipping couldn't take care of. Once bound together, pussies wet and throbbing - they couldn't help but take and endure the serious caning that was being done to their cute round asses. These two will learn that things don't come easy being slaves.

Your Resistence Only Makes Things Hotter

Some women just don't know when to shut their mouth. This brunette whore couldn't keep her mouth shut. Even with her hands bound and suspended above her, she didn't get the hint to keep quiet. Through all of her moaning and bitching, she received one hot session of extreme punishments. Her thin body flinches and squirms around, trying to avoid the bullwhip. This continues on with no avail for some time. When the whip Master gets sick of this display, he douses the bitch with water. That will really make her ass whipping even more hellish. She better be grateful for this sadistic spanking session!

Pussy Target Practice

You've got to hand it to a girl that can sit through this much pussy whipping and still be smiling. This blonde tramp comes in thinking she's God's gift to man. She was soon subjected to a whole barrage of brutal punishments such as extreme flogging and tit whipping. Hopefully this bitch's favorite color is red because after all the blows against her body she's going to be glowing red with welts. This pain slut looks as though she's open to more punishment, but she's gotta endure what's dished out to her now before she thinks she can handle anything that comes her way!

Learning From Her Mistakes

Such an innocent young thing, but that doesn't excuse her from the extreme punishments she's going to get. Some say ignorance is bliss, but in this whore's case it's cost her the beating of a lifetime. Wearing only little cotton panties, she is given an incredible tit whipping. Not only are those tiny things she calls breasts punished, she also has to suffer through various BDSM toys used on her ass, stomach, pussy, and even the palms of her hands. When he's finished with her, she'll need to go lay down and think about what she's done. This should be a real eye opener for the bitch.

Nature Can Be a Real Bitch

Being out in the woods and by the river is usually a nice afternoon outing full of hiking and picnic. In this case, it's the perfect scene for one loud slut to get a good dose of corporal punishment. Tied to a downed tree and doused with river water, she can't escape any blows from the cane or bullwhip used on her. Body shaking and tears streaming down her cheeks, she gets the gentle touch of a hand followed by the hard crack of the whip. In the end her body is marked from top to bottom, proof of just how far the body can be pushed.

What's It Feel Like to Be Free

Freedom is something that can be subjective - what makes this bitch in particular free? Is it when the rope is cut and those precious hands are free? Or is she truly free in a BDSM sense after her body and mind have been put through a barrage of extreme punishments? The tit whipping alone is almost enough to push this girl over the edge. That combined with an immense amount of ass spanking comes as a lesson to her. If she isn't able to feel lucky and appreciate the sort of freedom that she was special enough to be given, than this bitch needs to be brought in for round two.

Ass Whipping of a Lifetime

Don't know what it is about chicks but they always think they can take whatever's dished out to them with a smile. Some times they just need to sit back and realize whatever comes out of their mouth isn't important. This slut learned the hard way when she was brought to a warehouse and given a series of extreme punishments. Her soft body wasn't use to the kind of treatment it was about to get. All of the wincing and crying doesn't through our man off his game - each and every blow of the bullwhip lands precisely!

The Sin of Pride Will Get You No Where

Some chicks think they're simply the cat's meow. They've got a hot body and a cute face and all of a sudden the world owes them. Guess again! This blonde bimbo wiggles her fine ass into the mitts of the wrong guy. She's swiftly taught that her poor selfish and slutty attitude can quickly be curbed through corporal punishment. Any time she thinks about spreading those legs for any cock that wants a piece, she can think about the time she had to sit through a pussy whipping. She'll change her mind right quick when the memory of all of the extreme punishments she endured through rush back to her.

The Forest of No Return

When captured by a faceless being in the woods, there's not much you can do once escape is learned to be not an option. This blonde bitch gives up some of the struggle once she's tied to a tree. With rope tight around a leg and her wrists, she's silenced with tape and made to endure countless blows during tit whipping and pussy whipping. That cunt of hers turns a shade of red you've never seen before! The brutal whipping she gets will leave with her the notion that maybe if she was a good girl, getting strung up in the woods wouldn't have happened.

Eliminating That Fighter Instinct

Not ever slut loves the taste of a good tit whipping - the whore in this scene liked the idea until she was all tied up tight. Bound with rope around the eyes as well as many other points, the fear of the unknown gets the best of her. She struggles to avoid the numbers lows of the singletail whip to no avail. That thin bod of hers is but through the ringer as she's strapped to numerous pieces of furniture before being hung upside down in suspension where she is made to go through an incredible series of extreme punishments.

Traitor To Her Own Body

From the very beginning, this bitch learns that the control is out of her hands. Her body is examined and restrained. She's contorted into various positions while made to endure through the brutal whipping of her bare tits. If that wasn't enough, she ends up with legs wide apart and fingers keeping her cunt wide open. You'd think all this pussy whipping would take a toll on her, but her pink wet hole plays traitor to her body. With each thwack of the whip, she learns that sometimes there's a lot more pain than pleasure in BDSM for slaves like herself.

Cute Brunette Tied Up for Whipping

This cute brunette is all tied up and ready for a flogging. It`s the BDSM action you`ve been dying to see. She`s slim, trim and from the look on her face, she`s just waiting to be taught who`s boss. She starts out tied up with ropes around her thighs and legs. Her shaved pussy is totally exposed as her legs are cracked wide open, awaiting her just punishment. She`s been a bad girl and now it`s time for her to pay the price by meeting with her master in his dungeon workshop. He breaks out his tools of the trade and hoists her up strappado style. He starts working on that raw twat of hers and tight little butt. He goes for broke on her tight ass with a whipping and spanking that turns her asscheeks red. She howls and squeals as her master dishes out lash after lash on her butt, titties, and bald pussy. He just doesn`t stop as he sees she`s really enjoying it. This is the kind of BDSM action that you know you love to see.

Woman`s Butt is Whipped Good and Red

This chick is getting the harshest BDSM whipping you`ve ever seen. We`re talking welts up and down her ass and back. Tied up with ropes and chains, her dungeon master goes for broke on her tender ass. She`s got a nice pair of tits, big nipples and a plump little ass that turns as red as an apple when her dungeon master starts caning her buns. Her shaved pussy looks so innocent and tasty, which only makes her dungeon master more interested in continuing his harsh corporal punishment. She gets prepared as he breaks out canes, straps, cat o nine tails and more. First, she`s tied and suspended. Then, she`s whipped till she`s red and tender. Next, more whipping takes place. She squeals and whimpers at each lash. Just when she thinks things are over, her dungeon master shows up with a new device to teach her how to bend to his sadistic and twisted will.

Tit Whipping BDSM Rope Action

This brunette chick is getting her tiny titties whipped by her dungeon master. She`s tied to the post, legs spread and rope tied to the max. She is totally helpless to his fiendish desires. He tantalizes and torments this tart with his soft lashings on her budding titties. He makes her nipples rise so that he can then go berserk on her. She winces and whines as he increases the tension The suspense builds. She doesn`t know what to expect from this cruel fiend. He now has her where he wants her. All roped up, he increases the lashings on her titties. The macabre instruments of evil he possesses sends this chick into a tizzy. She doesn`t know when or where her next insidious torment will occur. With her ass now bent and pointed upward, her dungeon master really pours on the corporal punishment. That bald pussy and crinkly little asshole sure get a lot of attention from this merciless dungeon master. If this is the stuff you`re looking, you surely found it.

Twisted BDSM Ropes and Candle Torment

This is as twisted as things can get when it comes to BDSM action. This pretty brunette is tied and twisted up in every position possible, as her fiendish dungeon master has his way with her. His sinister taunting and eerie cackling can be heard as he binds this chick up and begins his sadistic and cruel assault on her tender flesh. Here she is on her back with ropes and bamboo rods spreading her legs wide open, as she has her pussy and asshole exposed to the world. He uses his canes, whips, chains, and hot candle wax, that is precariously perched over her bare breasts and open snatch. The oozing hot wax has her wincing and whining, as she tries to figure out when he`ll start using his whips and other tools of terror to punish this tart. You get to see her wiggle and writhe in unmatchable agony and eroticism as this BDSM action goes over the top and more. Just sit back and enjoy.

Sun Tanned Hottie Gets BDSM Spanking Punishment

This is one hot looking brunette with a sun tan to die for. She`s very attractive and obviously didn`t realize what she was getting herself into. Her dungeon master just goes haywire on her ass. She is first stripped and bent over. That`s when her sun tanned asscheeks start getting reddened from the spanking. He starts out slow. Then, he picks up the pace. She can`t escape. She can only wonder what other fiendish things her dungeon master has in store for her. Watch as her jiggly little butt cheeks take whack after whack of punishing paddling, as well as whip lashings, rope and more. Now he suspends her and goes for the titty whipping and other torments, like nipple twisting and so on. You`re seeing these filthy and depraving doings right before your very eyes. With the chick totally restrained, the dungeon master goes to work on her shaved pussy and tight little asshole.

Riding the Stocks Bound and Beaten

This nice looking petite brunette is hogtied to a chair, backwards, as her dungeon master prepares to dish out a fiendish rope whipping. She`s already bound up in rope. The girl is trying hard to escape, but can`t budge from the chair that is mounted to the table. Her dungeon master lets loose another flurry of lashes on her back and ass. He taunts and teases her, as he rubs her sore welts. She protests and whines, but that won`t do her any good, as this monster of a man now has her in his clutches. He`s going to see to it that every inch of her vulnerable and innocent skin is lashed to a red pulp. Look at how he circles her and stares with those predatory eyes. He`s just planning his sinister attack. When he does move in, this suffering hottie is going to be yelling for the moon. Now she is all his as she melts into a ball of whimpering nothingness.

Slim Blonde Gets Dirty BDSM Punishment

This slim blonde babe is pretty, until she finally falls into the clutches of this fiendish BDSM master. He`s just as sinister as they come. Now that he has her all to himself, he takes out the ropes, cuffs and chains and goes to work on this defenseless girl. She tries to escape, but his restraints are too much for her. Now that she`s trapped in his insidious dungeon, she`s going to be taught a lesson for her disobedience once and for all. He loves to punish some titties. Her`s are delicious and tender. He makes sure the ropes hold her tight before he whips, canes, and belts her tender flesh. Her nipples harden as he lets loose a barrage of BDSM corporal punishments. She jerks, whines and wriggles with every lash. Suspended from the ceiling, her blonde pussy and tight asshole exposed, he torments and explores her even further. No area of her vulnerable skin is left untouched by this creep. You get to see it all right here.

Sweet Butt Gets BDSM Beat Down

This brunette`s sweet butt gets a nasty beat down by her dungeon master. He has that cute butt poking out to the world, which he gladly introduces to his cane. Each languishing lash of that stick makes her buttcheeks redden and howl for mercy. Mercy isn`t about to happen, since her dungeon master fooled her into thinking this was just a tender caning. His switches, hands and other fiendish BDSM devices go to work on her tender little tush. Wincing and whimpering like a puppy, he increases the intensity of the session. Soon she`s rubbing her butt to alleviate the pain, but that`s not going to do her any good, since the dungeon master pours it on even more. She starts to realize that maybe she should have had second thoughts about this dude. It`s too late. With every lash and pinch, this chick is in for trouble. Her asscheeks get redder by the minute. You`re seeing all the filthy action right here.

Frizzy Haired Blonde`s Tit Torment Session

This frizzy haired blonde, with the nice set of tits, figured she was going to escape the wrath of her devious dungeon master. That being the farthest thing from the truth, this chick is just seconds away from the most evil and insidious tit whipping and bondage ever seen. She knew something was wrong when he stopped feeling her titties and broke out the ropes. Little by little, he adds more ropes around her tender breasts. Before she could do anything, she was totally within his fiendish control. He slobbers over her ripe nipples and rope tied tits. He goes to work on them with his whips, canes and belts. She`s wriggling around like a fish on a hook. He`s totally enjoying her cries for mercy as he just pours on the corporal punishment. Her swollen breasts turn read from the punishment. She now realizes the folly of her ways. She thought the punishment was over, but her dungeon master has an even more vicious punishment in mind. He suspends her over so her ass and pussy are exposed for penetration by him and the assortment of sex toys. Total BDSM action to the max!

Petite Chick Bound and Led Like a Dog

This you have to see to believe. This petite brunette, with a nice pair of tits, is getting herself led around the dungeon like a dog on a leash. She`s got her hands suspended above her head, mouth gagged, as this cruel and insidious dungeon dude is working her over. He goes after those juicy ripe titties. They jiggle like jello when he slaps them. She winces and squeals a bit, but her cries are barely heard from behind that mouth gag. She now is getting felt up. Her tight little ass is exposed, which he begins to spank. Her jiggly butt cheeks turn beet red. She hops around, trying to get away, but it`s to no avail. He knows he has her in his sinister clutches and there`s no where for her to hide. When he starts whipping her, she falls to her knees. She realizes the mess she`s gotten herself into. He takes advantage of the situation and pours on the punishment to the point the submissive chick can barely think straight. This is the kind of BDSM action you came for.

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